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Bonne Maman Mousse advertisement 2018

Our brief was to convey a feeling of being present in the moment of Bonne Maman’s mousses being hand crafted. To set the scene of a contemporary french kitchen, I lit the set with a daylight feel. I used artificial light to ensure continuity across the three shots. Having a daylight feel will gave a sense of realism, a feeling of being right there in the kitchen, using delicious, fresh ingredients.

Tesco Finest Cookies Packaging

Whilst working along side Big Tiff Ltd I photographed a number of products for Tesco packaging. This included a lovely range of Tesco Finest Cookies Packaging.

Scandi Cocktails

Scandi Cocktail Waitrose Kitchen April 2015 Issue

Newby Teas

Newby Teas are a luxury tea brand. This shoot was to showcase their gift sets. The lighter shots were lit using daylight and the darker, moodier shots were lit using continuous light.

Trullo Restaurant, Islington

Trullo Restaurant, Islington, London has fast become one of the most reputable restaurants for beautiful, simple Italian food.

Dr Oetker Even Better Baking Team

Introducing the Dr Oetker Even Better Baking Team, headed up by leading cake designer Juliet Sear and the Dr Oetker internal baking experts Rachael and Rebecca.

Pink Lady Food Photographer of The Year 2013

I’ve been awarded a comended place in the Pink Lady Food Photographer of The Year competition 2013. The image was taken on my Mamiya 645 Super in Bangkok, Dec 2012.