Dr Oetker Even Better Baking Team

July 15, 2014

Introducing the Dr Oetker Even Better Baking Team, headed up by leading cake designer Juliet Sear and the Dr Oetker internal baking experts Rachael and Rebecca.

Working along side a film crew, the brief here was to capture a demonstration of each recipe, focussing on baking hints and tips. This was to be the content for the exciting new Dr Oetker Even Better Baking Boutique. The images were also pushed out to media to generate conversation on social media. We had a great few days on location in West London, working hard and eating lots of left over cakes!

We had a great team from Citizen PR as well as food stylist Annie Hudson and props stylist Lucy Harvey.

Portrait Double-10JuliettePortrait-15Sprinkles & Ice Cream-25Same Nozzle Different Effect-21Stencils Peeling-5SNOWMEN-juliette finishing touches-8SNOWMEN-decorating scarf-4